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 Buying and Selling

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PostSubject: Buying and Selling   Mon Oct 29, 2007 7:48 pm

I am currently buying lowbie (lvl 1 - 24) divines, mostly weapons, with critical mods on them (preferably 3 - 4%) for any class.

I am also selling Copper Argates, crappy gems (3%Ele,%Ele_Def) and +29Ele_Dmg Gems. Just PM me in game either FlamingSushi, SilncigSsuhi or...yeah! Usually on Blood Drinker shard, prices are negotiable for guild members, everyone else...market price!

I am an avid member of what used to be the old Merchant's Guild for Ragnarok Online, so I believe in fair pricing and good values. I will never scam or try to scam anyone, despite their status, rank, or stupidity. 8 )

Have fun! Happy hunting.

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Buying and Selling
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