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PostSubject: Sushi   Mon Oct 29, 2007 7:41 pm

SilncigSsuhi <SlicingSushi>

Segita Hunter

Currently 5x

Dagger/Bow (For now, probably Dagger/Xbow)

I specialize somewhat in PVP and am built for tanking I guess, I use my trusty, glowey blue dagger to accompany me, as well as my orangey glowey bow! I just play this character for fun, because I don't want to play my Incar at the moment. Thus far, I have been in three guilds for about five minutes each, this one being the longest and my new brothers/sisters as well as Giggidy. I do hope you all enjoy my stay, and that I enjoy it also. Btw confused Shocked ---> Cool

If you need help plvling, I will take lvls 1 - 13 via my Incar at North Ares (FlamingSushi)

Lvls 13 - 23 via my Slicing to Heiharp (I am lazy and plvling is boring, but someone must do it sometimes!)

And yeah...Sushi is cool Cool It helps your brains!

- Sushi

P.S. I know a lot about every different build and would also like to learn. If anyone wants to help make a formula or equations chart/exp test etc let me know. So far I can lvl a Bagi to 16 and Incar to maybe 20 in under and hour given the right things; as everyone has their own biases, strengths and weaknesses, I am not calling myself the best, nor the worst. You play one style, I play one style; that is all. SO GO GET SUSHI! cat
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PostSubject: Re: Sushi   Mon Oct 29, 2007 8:51 pm

well nice to have you hope you have fun
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