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 Nunvice (InDun)

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PostSubject: Nunvice (InDun)   Mon Oct 15, 2007 2:47 pm

There's some people asking how glitches in nunvice work or even if there is glitches.
I hope this little guide will help you to go through it.

Level 34 required to enter and cost 10 000 dil to get in.

-> First step in when you paid you look for the fairy at north.

-> You have to kill some Spiders and kill the spider lord ( Spider Soul ).

-> When you killed everything in this room go to west,and talk to the "NPC".
GLITCH when you talk to this npc, you have two choices. First one is Sing for the blessing, and the other one is Do not sing. When you click Do not sing one time you have x2 monster and if you want x3 you click another time. You can have x30, but be careful not to do too much.. Because you will have to return at the beginning when you've reached the purkas ( There will be two Lord Kunda and will bug your dungeon list ).

-> When you enter this place you will have to kill everything on your way.

-> In the first room at north there is Spider souls, kill them and take the treasure(s).

-> Go out of this room and kill everything on your way again then open the door of the next room kill the Spider Queen and it will write in your screen " You have destroyed 1/4 spider queen's egg ". It is suposed to make you able to enter the sacrifice chamber later.

-> Again you go out of this place, kill everything then open the door again and kill the Spider queen. There you will be 2/4.

-> Go to south where a door is closed and kill it. In this place you will have to hunt a Skeleton Knight. Once you killed him you will have a message in your screen that says " The sign of Vergigosomething is engraved on your skin ".

-> You will have to quit this place go to west then kill the 2 others queens by doing the same thing.

-> Click on the NPC Sacrifice chamber and enter it.

-> There you kill Spider Soul and some small spiders and you destroy the treasure chest ( Is needed to do the inner part of the goddess shrine )

-> Quit this place by clicking on the NPC, run to east kill the spiders and sasquatch on your way, enter the laboratory.

-> In the laboratory you have 3 things to do, kill everything, look at your life many times and kill the Lord Purkas.

-> Quit the laboratory, run to north and enter the lobby again.

-> There you will have to walk to the other side ( Chamber Of Space ), and enter. Look at your right when you are in, you will see a glowing thing ( another treasure chest that you need for the inner part of the goddess shrine ).
Help - If there is no treasure chest restart your dungeon because it's a waste of time(Made by the first glitch). To restart your dungeon you relog and you're in front of Nunvice (InDun) Dungeon.

-> In front of you, you will see a floating thing like the treasure chest for the quest of Shrine, talk to it it's a NPC.

-> Enter the maze and try to find the floating things(FT) you need to destroy. Normaly the bridge that will come is on the side where you destroyed the FT. you have to destroy all those FT and find in a treasure chest a Relic of Goddess (Gem thread or fang). Once you find the relic you go to the west (make sure you have been in all the squares of the Chamber of space, because you wont be able to go to the lobby).

-> Through the portal you will have to destroy the Treasure chest if you didn't do it already.

-> Go to the lobby and enter the shrine. Talk to the NPC.
GLITCH Need to be tested before i tell you.

-> Kill everything arround the statue of time and space. Then destroy the statues !CAREFUL! three Frizkhans will spawn on you each of the statues and three others will spawn in the principal place of the shrine.

-> Kill the 2 frizkhans and the monsters arround them. You can finish your dungeon by killing the BIG spider, if you don't want to kill it go to the statue of the goddess and you will end your dungeon.
(Trick: Dungeon ends 1 minute after you talk to the goddess' statue, you will be faster if you relog.)

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PostSubject: Re: Nunvice (InDun)   Tue Nov 06, 2007 1:22 pm

what do u mean by 3x ?
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Nunvice (InDun)
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