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PostSubject: ALL ABOUT SUMMONER! (Staff)   Sun Oct 14, 2007 3:23 am

Ok so at the request of one of our guildies, I am posting a little info all about the wonderful vicious summoner just in case you wanna make one and aren't sure what to do!

For PvE (Player versus Environment), you should make a staff summoner and invest points in Libido Mastery. I screwed up my summoner and did Beast Mastery. The explaination of that will be down in the Libido Mastery section of this FAQ). Anyone who wants to gift my retarded ass a Master's Mistake will be loved forever and ever amen! Lol!


Str: Put enough points to make the minimum str req for wielding a staff of your lvl.
Health: 2 points per lvl.
Spr: 2 points per lvl, 3 when your str req is reached. This will make your spells stronger so invest as much as you can.


Vicious Mastery: Max this out by lvl 50.
Vicious Thorn: I love this skill because it reduces movement of your target by 50% for a period of time. It can be useful to get away from pkers, and to slow boss monsters from reaching you and hurting you. I recommend maxing this or getting it close if possible.
Venom Light: Good skill, expensive mp cost for dmg that just isn't as good as other skills, so invest a few if you want but don't try to max it.
Summon Ghost: I LOVE this skill! Invest in it!
Infected Earth: Invest skill points in this when you get lvled enuf to use it.
Evolt Shot: 1 point ONLY. This skill will be seldom used after you get the important ones, trust me.
Spirit Dagger: 1 point ONLY. This skill has a VERY slow cast time and it is just stupid.
Blood Bats: Max this out! Freaking lovely skill that you can regen a lot of hp using. A life saver.
Skin of Foreign Realm: Useless for staff summoner. Ignore this skill.
Of course buy and use cosmos skill when it becomes available.

Libido Mastery!

Libido Mastery: Put points in this, but not really too important to max this.
Tarantula: Lvl 5 if you want to, I HATE Aldebaran and I think you will agree why on next descrip.
Aldebaran: Ok this summon sucks big fat penis. He gets in the way of targeting because he is so tall. The only good thing about him is he stuns opponents which shouldn't matter to staff summoner anyway. He also has a fast rate of attack but I still hate him.
Tentator: Damn good summon. He does poison dmg. Invest in this summon.
Anathema: The best summon a staff summoner could ask for. He makes your target vulnerable to magic attack! How freaking great is that?

So there you have it, see where I screwed up? Lol. Bregan, the final summon of Beast Mastery only causes a melee vulnerability. So make sure you make the right choice!
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PostSubject: Re: ALL ABOUT SUMMONER! (Staff)   Tue Oct 23, 2007 12:40 am

Damn i love you so much Zay <3. But people don't forget that Alde have feelings, can be sad, can love you, can fuck your wife (??) and can drink all your beers too.

Btw, Bregon and Spazzy FTW
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